Microsin - About Company

Microsin SRL is the only Romanian manufacturer of pharmaceutical active ingredients. The company was set up on 20 May 1991 by Eng. Ioan Gârbea, who at that time had 25 year-experience in research and in the development of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Its activity began in a building rented within Sicomed factory premises (currently Zentiva-Sanofi). In September 2006, the management finished the building of a production unit for pharmaceutical active ingredients compliant with EU-GMP regulations.

The company is fully equipped for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients under EU-GMP regulations. There are two production lines. The first ends with a fluid bed dryer, while the second ends with a spray dryer.

The manufacturing area, having a surface of 480 sqm, consists in 26 stainless steel and enamel reactors, with capacities between 400 and 5000 liters. The facility is also equipped with 3 centrifuges, 2 tray dryers and distillation columns for solvents recovery, etc.

The manufacturing process makes use of purified water obtained with the help of an inverted osmosis and de-ionizing device.